What is the term for a rasp or rattle when singing?

Which of these terms can be applied to a rasp or rattle when singing?

A. falsetto

B. register

C. vocal fry


The term for a rasp or rattle when singing is vocal fry.

Vocal fry, also known as creaky voice, pulse register, laryngealization, or glottal fry, is a vocal register consisting of a low, creaky, and gravelly-sounding voice quality. It is often associated with a rattling or bumpy sound when produced.

Vocal fry occurs at the lowest end of the vocal range and is typically characterized by a loose vocal fold closure, resulting in a non-tonal sound. While it is often used stylistically in singing and speech, excessive or forced vocal fry can strain the vocal cords and lead to vocal fatigue or damage.

Some vocal coaches recommend exercises to help singers develop healthier vocal fry techniques and incorporate it effectively into their performances. It's important for singers to maintain vocal health and practice proper vocal techniques to avoid any potential harm to their voice.

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