How to Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home with a Portable Electronic Device

What are the recommendations for monitoring blood pressure at home?

a. Patient can apply the cuff in any manner he chooses because the machine is designed to be used by nonprofessionals.
b. Machine requires frequent calibration to ensure accuracy.
c. Cuff can be placed over clothing if necessary.
d. Machine is accurate when blood pressures are low.


The nurse recommends the patient to purchase a portable electronic blood pressure device, but there are important considerations to keep in mind.

The nurse is caring for a patient who is being discharged from the hospital after being treated for hypertension. The patient is instructed to take his blood pressure three times a day and to keep a record of the readings. The nurse recommends that the patient purchase a portable electronic blood pressure device.

The machine requires frequent calibration for accuracy. Like any medical equipment, the electronic blood pressure device needs to be calibrated regularly to maintain accuracy.

The cuff can be placed over clothing if necessary. The cuff should ideally be placed directly on the skin for accurate readings, but in certain situations, it can be placed over clothing without significantly affecting the reading.

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