Legal Citation: Understanding the Importance of Page Numbers

Why is the page number in a legal citation important?

The page number in a legal citation is crucial because it helps in locating the specific details of the case within a volume. In the United States legal system, the page number in a citation signifies the page where the case starts in the published opinion. This allows legal professionals to easily find and reference specific information within a case.

The Significance of Page Numbers in Legal Citations

Page numbers play a vital role in legal citations as they serve as a reference point within a published opinion. When a legal case is published, it is typically part of a larger volume of court opinions. Each case starts on a specific page within that volume, and the page number helps in pinpointing the exact location of the case within the document. For example, in the citation 'U.S. 138, 617, 199.2d 501', the number '617' represents the page number where the case begins. This allows readers to quickly navigate to the relevant portion of the opinion without having to search through the entire volume. Furthermore, page numbers are essential for accurate and efficient legal research. Lawyers, judges, and scholars often need to refer back to specific parts of a case when analyzing legal principles or preparing arguments. By citing the page number in a legal citation, they can easily locate and cite the exact language or reasoning they wish to discuss. In addition, page numbers also aid in the proper attribution of sources. When referencing a previous court decision in a legal brief or scholarly article, including the page number ensures that the reader can verify the accuracy of the citation and find the original source for further research. Overall, the page number in a legal citation is a critical component that facilitates precise referencing, easy navigation within a document, and proper attribution of sources. Understanding the importance of page numbers in legal citations is essential for anyone involved in the legal field to ensure accuracy and clarity in referencing court opinions.
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