Child Endangerment Laws: DUI Penalties with a Child in the Car

What are the additional penalties you will face if you are convicted of DUI with a child under 18 in your vehicle?

- at least ____ days in jail

- a fine of at least ______


Driving under the influence (DUI) with a child in the car typically results in increased penalties due to Child Endangerment laws. These can include additional jail time and fines. The exact penalties vary by jurisdiction.


In most jurisdictions within the United States, if you are convicted of DUI and had a child under 18 in the vehicle, you face elevated penalties. These are known as Child Endangerment laws related to DUI cases. The additional penalties often involve increased jail time and fines. For example, in some states like California, the additional jail time ranges from 48 hours to 6 months, and the additional fine may range from $390 up to $1000. The exact penalties can vary by jurisdiction.

In general, it's important to note that driving under the influence is a serious offense and the presence of a child in the vehicle not only endangers that child, but significantly increases the legal penalties. Responsible driving and maintaining a sober state while driving is always recommended for safety as well as legal reasons.

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