Understanding the "Traffic Signal Ahead" Sign: What It Indicates

What does a "Traffic Signal Ahead" sign indicate when obstructed by a hill or curve?

A) No traffic signal ahead

B) A traffic signal is present but not visible

C) Proceed without caution

D) Stop and wait for further instructions

Final answer:

The correct option is B) A traffic signal is present but not visible

A "Traffic Signal Ahead" sign means that there is a traffic signal which may not be currently visible due to obstructions. This sign warns drivers to slow down and be prepared for the upcoming traffic signal to ensure safety and manage the flow of vehicles and pedestrians.


The "Traffic Signal Ahead" sign indicates that a traffic signal is present but not visible due to obstruction, such as a hill or curve. This sign warns drivers to slow down and prepare to stop if necessary, regardless of the obstruction that may be blocking their view of the signal. It implies that there is indeed a traffic signal ahead, even though it cannot be seen at the moment due to the road's topography or layout.

The presence of a traffic signal aims to improve safety conditions by reducing vehicle speed at intersections and enhancing pedestrian safety, especially in areas with high traffic volume or near campuses. Apart from controlling vehicle flow, these signals are pivotal in preventing accidents and can even save lives by systematically managing the crossing times for pedestrians and vehicles. According to police reports, intersections without such signals can experience a high number of accidents, sometimes with tragic outcomes, which underscores their importance.

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