How to Read and Store Two Different Variables from a File in C++?

How can the file be opened and read in C++?

What are the steps to read and store two different variables from a file in C++?

How to Open and Read a File in C++

To read and store variables from a file in C++, you need to follow these steps:

1. Include the necessary header file for file operations: #include <fstream>.

2. Declare the variables you want to store the data in, such as double double1 and std::string string1.

3. Create an input stream object and open the file using its filename: std::ifstream inFile("ratings.txt");.

4. Use the input stream operator (>>) to read the data from the file into the variables: inFile >> double1 >> string1;.

5. Close the file after reading: inFile.close();.

By executing the above code, the first line of the file will be read into double1 and the second line will be read into string1. You can repeat the reading process for subsequent lines of the file if needed.

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