Calculating Area and Cost of Stucco for Warehouse Application

What is the area that needs stucco in square feet for the warehouse?

a) Assuming the roof, windows, and doors require no stucco, what is the area in square feet that needs stucco?

b) How many bags of stucco will be needed to cover the warehouse?

c) What is the total cost of the stucco needed if each bag costs $14.50?


The warehouse needs 262.01 ft² of stucco, requiring 2 bags to be purchased at a cost of $29.00.

To calculate the area of the warehouse that needs stucco, we need to find the area of each side and subtract the areas of the doors and windows. The front and back of the warehouse each have a roll-up door measuring 14 ft by 8 ft, so the area of these doors is 14 ft x 8 ft = 112 ft² each. The window on the side facing the parking lot measures 45 in x 32 in, which is 3.75 ft x 2.67 ft = 10.01 ft². The entry door on the same side measures 4 ft x 7 ft = 28 ft². The other side of the warehouse has no door or window, so its area is 0. The total area of the warehouse that needs stucco is (2 x 112 ft²) + 10.01 ft² + 28 ft² = 262.01 ft². To determine the number of bags of stucco needed to cover the warehouse, we divide the total area by the coverage per bag. Each bag covers 160 ft², so 262.01 ft² / 160 ft² per bag = 1.64 bags. Since we cannot buy partial bags, we would need to round up to 2 bags. The total cost of the stucco needed can be found by multiplying the number of bags by the cost per bag. With each bag costing $14.50, the total cost would be 2 bags x $14.50 per bag = $29.00.

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