The Fascinating World of Medical Terminology

What is the word root meaning testis in medical terminology?

A) Orchitis

B) Orchialgia

C) Orchidoptosis

D) Testicular

E) Vasectomy

Final answer:

The term that does not contain a word root meaning testis is Orchidoptosis.


The term that does NOT contain a word root meaning testis is Orchidoptosis.

The word root orchid/o refers to the testis or testicles, while the suffix -ptosis means a falling or downward displacement. Orchidoptosis would mean the downward displacement of the testis, but it does not contain the word root for testis.

The other options:

  1. Orchitis refers to inflammation of the testis
  2. Orchialgia refers to testicular pain
  3. Testicular relates to the testis
  4. Vasectomy is a surgical procedure to prevent sperm release from the testicles
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